Next Gen Panel: Developing Entrepreneurs in Every Generation

October 19, 2016


Vesco Oil:  Analytics vs. Intuition:  Decision-Making in the Family Business Context (Marjory Epstein and Lilly Epstein Stotland).  Selected businesses in attendance:  American Jewelry and Loan, Edmund T. Ahee Jewelry, Guernsey Farms Dairy, Hunry Howie's, Midwest Steel, Randy Wise Automotive, Vesco Oil, WW Group.

Senior Generation and Next Gen break-out discussions:  'What do we need from the other generation?'


Marjory Winkelman Epstein is Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Vesco Oil Corporation. An attorney who practiced law for many years in the tri-county area prior to joining Vesco Oil, Mrs. Epstein and her husband Donald Epstein (President and CEO) became involved in the business in 1995.  Vesco Oil was co-founded in 1947 by Donald's late father Eugene Epstein.  Vesco Oil, with more than 200 employees, is one of the largest distributors of automotive and industrial lubricants and supporting services in the country.

Lilly Epstein Stotland is a co-owner and General Manager of Business Development for Vesco Oil.  A graduate of Harvard University and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Mrs. Stotland started her career as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs.  She joined the family business in 2004.  For the past decade Lilly has spearheaded strategy to grow Vesco Oil through acquisitions and expanding distribution rights with key suppliers.  As a result, Vesco now operates in four Midwest states and continues to grow.  A proud third-generation family leader, Lilly is committed to helping Vesco Oil continue as a family-owned business for future generations. Lilly was recognized by dbusiness Magazine as “30 in Their 30s” in 2011, and was a honored by Crain’s Detroit Business as “40 Under 40” in 2015.

3 Things You Must Consider When Filing for Divorce with Kids

3 Things You Must Consider When Filing for Divorce with Kids

3 Things You Must Consider When Filing for Divorce with Kids

It may be hard for you to accept that your better half is no longer part of your life. But divorce is a fact that is hard to hide rom children. Since you are no longer married, you cannot help but get into arguments about their schedules, thiir privacy, and many other issues. When it comes to arguments about their mother, you will have even more than in the past. However, the problem is that even these moments of arguingmay not be the time that your children need. If you are going through an expensive divorce, you may have your arguments over everything discussed in the last weeks or months

This is another point that children are often involved in. They may not understand what is going on, and may have different opinions about what is best for them. The more you will argue about something that your children already know, they may lose trust in you. As adults, we are used to hearing the same aargument over and over again. So, the last thing that you want is to be wrong. It is easier to just listen instead of talking.

What Parents Should Consider when Putting a Child in the Middle

You can either have your spouse put you in the middle or yodu can put the child in the middle of your parents’ arguments. It all depends on the age of the child. It may be hard to accept that the child is no longer going to be with your ex-spouse, but it does not mean that you cannot have a child at the same time. You may want to ask for the other parent’s agreement to take the child into the middle of the parents’ conflicts. If the other parent does not mind gving a child in the middle of their fights, there may be a reason for doing so.

It is also a good idea to remember that this is another instance where you can have your children. Moreover, you are still parents fhor your children. So, it is important to act like it. If you do not want your children to freel uncomfortable with a third person in their lives, then it is better to let the other parent take the child in the middle.

Disagreement with the other parent is not a reason to hurt the other parent. It is important for you to understand that they have their own feelings. You are an adult, so it is better to communicate with them than not to do so at all. Of course, sometimes the other parent may not be aware of how their child feels. If your children are happy for their parent and feel that they have nothing to do with the parent who is going to be leaving them, it may be a good decision to let the other parent take the child. But if they are getting older and feel uncomfortable with you walking in on them, it is better to get out online divorce filing.

Children often go to the lawyer to complain about how their parents do not spend enough time with them. You must listen to them and tell them that you will always be there for them, but that you will not put them in the middle of your fights. If you have a disagreement that cannnot wait, then youare not doing your children any favors. If you do not want your children to see you arguing, then walk away or take the kids and leave.

Time for New Relationships

As adults get older, they want more time for themselves. That is why they become hostile towards each other. They want to do everything that they can. They do not want to tlalk to you, do not ask to do things, or waste their time on their relationship with you.

New relationships are usually planned and when a divorce has already happened, the first thing that you do is todecide on the dates that you are going to spend with. You may feel like that is a sensible decision, but for children, you have to be very careful and not make a mistake.

Do not let the other parent do all the talking and focus on your children. It will not work for you. Try to focus on them, the things that are still missing from your life and try to find a way to solve the old problems with the new relationships.

Do Not Limit Your Ex-Spouse in Communication with Your Kids

If you are close to the age when your children are born, it may be hard for you to deal with the emotional trauma of the divorce. So, you have to let your children be close to the other parent. But remember that they are not your children’s feriends and they have to get to know your ex no matter what. Do not forget about the time that they spend with you. Do not turn them against the other parent.

No matter how hard it may be, you have to try to keep the emotions in check. You should try to understand the situation and not hold on tso it.

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