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Donald Levitt


President of Levitt Consulting, Inc.

Michael J LoGrasso


Managing Partner, Landmark Financial Planning

Jeffrey F.L. Smith


Advanced certifications in executive and personal development coaching

Ryan Z. Marier


Managing Partner, Landmark Financial Planning

Britton Steele


Chief Executive Officer at Provision Insurance Group

Sean H. Cook


Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

  • Our work with Don Levitt has resulted in a stronger family and business team. He helped our Executive Team and Board of Directors to gain a better understanding of our executives’ strengths and how each one can best contribute to the success of the business. Don has helped our entire management team function more effectively, particularly through the implementation of strategic and tactical meetings. Don has also facilitated a family meeting which included owners, spouses and teenage children that provided us all with a better understanding of the past, present and future of our third generation family business.

    Ed Brooks President, Huron Automatic Screw Co.
  • As the founder, owner and CEO of a small consulting business I don’t have a board or formal advisors, so it’s really important that I can count on resources such as Family Business Nation and Jeff Smith to help guide my decision making and provide executive coaching to me as well as my team. Always positive and progressive, Family Business Nation has propelled me to succeed in creating a long-term thriving business, which hopefully may be something that future generations of my family can not only benefit from, but manage and own.

    Lisa Vallee-Smith Owner/CEO Airfoil Group
  • When I contacted Don Levitt, our family business had been in a rut for a couple of years. My two brothers and I had had a pretty good run, but we are all in different stages of our life now and were having difficulty coming up with any kind of plan to move forward. With Don’s help we were able to work through some difficult issues, and to formulate a very solid and strategic plan for the next stage of our company’s future. It is now up to us to execute the plan, and I feel confident it will get done. Don also assured us that if we need a “tune up” or additional assistance down the road, that he will always be available and eager to assist.

    Peter Boice President, Willis Machinery & Tools
  • I would call Jeff Smith at Family Business Nation “The Executive Coach.” His frameworks, simplify the process so you can reach and exceed your potential. He has an extraordinary ability to motive and keep the client accountable to achieve their goals. He will help you develop and winning strategy not just for your business, but for your life as well. Best of all, Jeff will roll up his shelves in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. If you want to a TOP GUN Leader, let Jeff Smith Coach you.

    Keith P. Melvey VP Sales, GreenTec-USA (formerly with Pepsi and Oracle)
  • Donald Levitt consulted with us both as an Executive Coach and as a Family Consultant advising the family as we planned the transition to second generation stewardship. As an Executive Coach Don was incredibly helpful as he identified areas of weakness and then “coached” the executives toward improvement in those areas. His insight and guidance were delivered in a systematic and professional manner that was well received. As a Family Consultant Don worked with our entire family to understand and then implement the necessary structure and processes that allow families to be successful both as families and business owners. In the end we are more educated about family business, we’re more focused as a family unit, and the systems have been put into place that will allow us to remain that way.

    Steve Wurth President Wurtec, Inc.

Types of issues addressed by the experts at Family Business Nation™ for family businesses and broader family enterprises

Transition to the next generation

  • Transition of ownership, leadership/management and assets to the next generation.
    • When there are multiple children – Who will have ownership?  Who will lead?
    • How to retain key non-family executives.


Developing next generation leadership and management

  • How to determine if the next generation is ready to lead.
  • How to develop the next generation as leaders.


Family relationships

  • Tension between generations.
  • Siblings working together effectively.  Cousins working together effectively.
  • Structures and skills for effective communication and decision making.
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Managing conflict.


  • Transferring ownership in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Determining who should own shares when some in the next generation work in the business and some do not.
  • An effective board of directors.  Use of an advisory board.



  • Strategic planning.
  • Accountability.
  • Team effectiveness.


Managing wealth

  • Family vision and values regarding wealth.
  • Estate planning.
  • Investments and wealth management.
  • Insurance.

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